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Are you ready for the dark?

Getting your car ready for night drives

Clothes – check! Company – check! Cash – check! Car – …not yet? Is this how your checklist for a night out looks like? Well, you may not be hitting the town, but you could be driving to work from home or vice versa. Whatever the case, make sure your car is night-time ready as this will help you in arriving in one piece wherever you go.

Adjust a few things like your mirrors and headlights – Make sure your review mirror and side-view mirrors are adjusted properly. This will help for driving on the highway or for when you wish to change lanes. If you get blinded from cars coming from behind through side mirrors, all you have to do is lower the mirrors to avoid the glare. Be prepared, however, to lean forward when it comes to changing lanes.

Clean your windshield and your headlights – A clean windshield means clear sight for the road ahead. So clean the outside and the inside, especially if you have smudged the windscreen with your hands to remove vapour during winter. Your yellow-tainted headlights can be made clearer again by buying a cleaning kit.

Position your headlights properly – You have probably been in the receiving end of blinding lights. However, being a driver or car owner proves that you can also be quite puzzled on why oncoming traffic finds your lights blinding. There’s a possibility – your headlights could be badly aimed. Overtime a car’s lights can point in the wrong direction, to the disadvantage of fellow drivers. It also means it can distort your vision when driving that car, causing reflections or making it hard to drive during the rain. Check your headlights angle once a year to make driving in the dark easier.

Keep a fair distance between you and other cars – Yes you are amazing at driving at night, but not all drivers are. Keep at bay by keeping a good amount of distance between you and the car in-front of you. This will help when they slam on the brakes too quick or hard, and also help the driver in front of you as they will get blinded by your lights if you drive too close. If driving downhill, make sure you keep a greater distance as the light will be in the rear view mirror of the car ahead of you.

Driving at night can get easier and also stress-free if your car is ready for night drives. Try these easy tips and see how they work for you. Comment below and tell us which tip has made driving at night easier.