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Taking the kids on a holiday? Here’s a checklist of what to take

Having a family can be strenuous at times, especially when trying to remember each thing that needs to be packed for each person when going away. We thought we’d help out by providing a simple checklist of 5 things not to forget when packing for the kids (aged 3-6):

  1. Mini first-aid kit: Safety first J This is essential for any trip. Some of the stuff inside you’ll use fairly regularly and should replace often (bandages or aspirin), while others are rarely used but are critical in an emergency.


  1. Wet wipes: They have so many uses. They can be used either to wipe away a spill, wipe hands before and after eating, and wipe the face after a long hot day in the car. You can also use these to wipe down surfaces in the place you’re going to stay that housekeeping could easily miss, i.e. light switches and TV remotes, to avoid the spreading of germs.


  1. Ziploc Bags: These are always handy for carrying so many things – leftovers, dirty laundry, washing powder for the kid spills and stains, and more. They’re easy to store and keep items freshly sealed.


  1. Board game: When the pool is full, the slides are busy, the beach is too hot, and the play area crammed, nothing will beat your kid’s favourite board games from home. Oh wait, there is something better than the board game, playing it with them J


  1. Unexpected treats & gifts: This advice works on long road trips! Buy a few small, inexpensive toys or sweet treats and wrap them up. Ration them so you have a new toy / treat to give out every so often during the trip and keep the kids guessing, excited, and happy!