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Moving forward into the future with Renault

Driving is not just sitting in your seat, buckling up and going from A to B anymore. It has become a completely new experience, incorporating technology, comfort, clean designs, and safety features that make driving something pleasurable, with an assurance of security that keeps us at ease. It has changed the way we feel about driving, giving us confidence and enjoyment on the road.

Renault has aspired to bring this into its range across the board, with its passion for design and flawless integrity on ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers, as far as technologically and mechanically possible. Even further steps have been taken to ensure safety as in the near future the Alliance (Renault, Nissan, & Infiniti) plans to offer the ‘Traffic Jam Pilot’, an automated system that can take a vehicle through traffic jams or on a motorway, without changing lanes. By combining cruise control and a function to keep the car in the middle of the lane, it will create a stress-free driving experience.

Renault is also developing driving that is carried out entirely by the vehicle that needs no human supervision, as displayed in the NEXT TWO prototype which was presented in January 2014.

This vision will see roads with far less accidents, as well as creating even more of a relaxed and pleasant driving experience.